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Saturday Brunch at 1 Lombard Street in the City

Nestled in the very heart of the City, we at 1 Lombard Street are delighted to unveil our new Saturday brunch experience. Join us in a setting where elegance meets culinary artistry, and indulge in an exquisite spread that celebrates the finest local produce. Our Devon Blue Lobster, famed for its delicate taste, and tomatoes hailing from the Isle of Wight, paired with English Mozzarella, are just the beginning of what we offer.

Saturday Brunch at 1 Lombard Street in the City

Savor the exceptional flavor of Peter Hannan’s aged steak, crowned with a rich Clarence Court Egg. Moreover, it's not just about the dining; with bottomless bubbles, Prosecco, Beer, and Aperol Spritz, our £50 per person offering elevates your brunch to an event. We proudly focus on the journey of our ingredients from source to plate, ensuring each Saturday with us is a culinary adventure you'll cherish. And with our live DJ setting the mood, your brunch becomes a true feast for all senses.

The Culinary Journey: Local Ingredients Meet Artful Cooking

At 1 Lombard Street, we take pride in our Saturday brunch, a journey through Britain's bounteous countryside. We partner with dedicated farmers to bring you ingredients celebrated not only for their superior quality but also for their local heritage. Take, for example, our Devon Blue Lobster. Its journey from the pristine Devon coasts to your plate is a tale of passion and dedication to sustainable practices.

We carefully select our tomatoes straight from Isle of Wight farmers, ensuring they are bursting with flavor, perfectly complementing our hand-picked English Mozzarella. Furthermore, we serve Peter Hannan's steak, renowned for its age-induced depth of flavor, and perfectly accompanied by a rich Clarence Court Egg. This commitment to excellence assures you that every bite you savor not only supports local artisans but is an embodiment of the best culinary skills we have to offer.

Opulent Ambiance and Superior Service: A Brunch Experience Like No Other

At 1 Lombard Street, we believe that the essence of an unforgettable Saturday brunch lies not only in the exquisite fare but also in the atmosphere and service. Our opulent surroundings, marked by grandeur and refinement, provide the perfect backdrop for your weekend indulgence. We are dedicated to making every moment exceptional.

Saturday Brunch at 1 Lombard Street in the City

From the moment you step in, our attentive staff ensures your every need is met with a level of service that complements the quality on your plate. As the live DJ's beats softly enliven the scene, our team works seamlessly to provide a brunch experience that redefines luxury. Rest assured, every Saturday spent with us is an encounter with uncompromising elegance and unparalleled service.

Saturday Brunch with Bottomless Bubbles: Details and Offerings

Every Saturday brunch at 1 Lombard Street is an occasion to celebrate. We offer bottomless bubbles to complement your dining experience for £50 per person. Delight in unlimited Prosecco, Beer, or Aperol Spritz as you dive into our carefully curated menu. We ensure this effortless flow of drinks maintains the spirited ambiance without overshadowing the star of the show—our sumptuous food.

We have taken care to craft an offering that uplifts the culinary adventure, ensuring that our guests can indulge in both exceptional dishes and endless refreshments. Consequently, our commitment extends to balancing fine dining with conviviality, making your brunch with us as memorable for the company as it is for the cuisine.

A Note from Chef James Holden on Our New Saturday Brunch

We at 1 Lombard Street are thrilled to introduce our new Saturday brunch, a celebration of Britain’s culinary heritage. We believe in the elegance of simplicity. Our ingredients tell their own story; they don't need embellishment. As a Chef, I recognize the responsibility that comes with each selection we make. Every dish becomes a statement of our commitment to quality and sustainability. With pride, we bring you the Devon Blue Lobster and the richly flavored meats from Peter Hannan.

We rely on the expertise of our local farmers for the freshest produce. Furthermore, our brunch offers an element of festivity with bottomless bubbles, keeping spirits high and conversations flowing. Together, we craft an environment that’s as refined as it is welcoming. Thus, ensuring your time spent with us is marked by memorable flavors and impeccable service. Join us; let’s make Saturdays truly special.

Live Entertainment: Enhancing Your Saturday Brunch with Music

At 1 Lombard Street, we understand that good music complements good food. Our Saturday brunch is not just an eating experience; it is a cultural one. We carefully select live DJs whose music subtly uplifts the atmosphere. Their tunes bridge each course, creating a seamless flow from starter to dessert.

Saturday Brunch at 1 Lombard Street in the City

This harmony ensures that our guests are fully immersed in the moment. We believe the rhythms enhance the conversation and the dining pleasure. Ultimately, we craft a setting that elevates your weekend plans into an encounter that's both gastronomically rich and audibly pleasing. Join us, and let's make your brunch resonate with more than just flavors.

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