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Enjoy a delicious dinner of Steak Frites with a glass of wine for only £25pp. Then get access to our very special cocktail club, only open Fridays!

Welcome to a new tradition at 1 Lombard Street, where Fridays transform into an exquisite celebration of taste and relaxation. We invite you to kick off your weekend in style with our exclusive Steak and Frites Night. This is your perfect opportunity to unwind after a busy week and indulge in a dining experience that promises to delight your palate and elevate your spirits.

What people think

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"Wow - what a night! Honestly one of the best Friday nights I've had in a long time. The steak frites for £25pp is such a good deal and the steak is absolutely delicious. After dinner we went down to the speakeasy through the bookcase and the vibe was absolutely perfect. The level of service as well makes this one of my new favourite spots in London."

We've partnered with the renowned Ethical Butcher to bring you a steak experience like no other. Known for their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, @ethicalbutcher provides us with the finest cuts of meat, ensuring that your meal is not only delicious but also responsible. Paired with our perfectly seasoned frites and a glass of hand-selected wine, this meal at just £25 per person is an offer too good to resist.

But the night doesn't end with dinner. We invite you to continue your evening in our prestigious cocktail club, hidden beneath the historic streets of Lombard. Here, in an atmosphere of exclusivity and sophistication, you can sip on expertly crafted cocktails, and enjoy the chic luxury that our club has to offer.


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