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Mastering European Brunch at 1 Lombard

Join us for a delightful European Brunch at 1 Lombard Street! Our Saturday brunch showcases the finest ingredients from around the British Isles and the Atlantic. Savor our Devon Blue Lobster or Isle of Wight tomatoes with English Mozzarella from La Latteria.

European Brunch

Enjoy Peter Hannan's aged Steak from Glenarm Estate, topped with a Clarence Court Egg. At 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London, we focus on the quality and backstory of our ingredients as much as how we cook them. Visit us any Saturday. We can't wait to welcome you.

A Word from our Chef - crafting the best European Brunch in London

Crafting the ultimate European Brunch at 1 Lombard Street involves a deep commitment to quality and flavor. We prioritize sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring each dish speaks to the rich culinary traditions of Europe. Our team meticulously selects produce and meats, emphasizing sustainability and local origins.

Our menu celebrates the essence of European cuisine, featuring dishes that highlight the inherent quality of each ingredient. Every Saturday, we invite guests to experience this dedication, enjoying a brunch that balances tradition with contemporary flair. We, at 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London, are dedicated to delivering an unforgettable culinary journey through our European Brunch.

Bottomless Bubbles at 1 Lombard Street

Enjoy our famous Bubbles, Steak, and Lobster Bottomless European Brunch every Saturday. Bottomless drinks include Prosecco, Beer, and Aperol Spritz. Our food menu offers a bottomless seasonal sharing feast with your choice of a Steak, Lobster, or Egg main course.

At 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London, we ensure a rich and satisfying experience for all our guests. We carefully select each ingredient to highlight the quality and flavor of European cuisine. Join us every Saturday and experience the commitment we bring to our European Brunch.

European Brunch

The Atmosphere and Ambiance

Expect lavish interiors at 1 Lombard Street, with the brasserie's impressive circular skylight casting sunlight over the bar below and giving the entire dining room a bright and airy feel. Meanwhile, the walls of the restaurant play host to a number of stunning artworks, including pieces by notable British artists like Antony Gormley and Steve Claydon.

Above, mobiles hang gracefully, adding a dynamic touch to the setting. The combination of natural light and curated art creates an inviting atmosphere. Guests will appreciate the thoughtfully designed space, which enhances the dining experience from the moment they walk in. Make your reservation to experience the ambiance of 1 Lombard Street.

Enjoy Live Music at our European Brunch

Every Saturday, we offer two sittings: 12:00 - 14:00 and 15:00 - 17:00. Our live DJ plays a mix of upbeat and classic tunes throughout the brunch. This adds a vibrant atmosphere to our European Brunch at 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London. We believe music enhances the dining experience, making your visit more enjoyable.

Choose the setting that suits you best and immerse yourself in our culinary offerings paired with great music. Join us for a memorable brunch experience, where quality food and lively music come together seamlessly. Make your reservation today to enjoy this unique offering.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Our customers consistently highlight the luxurious atmosphere and attentive service at 1 Lombard Street. Many appreciate the variety and quality of our buffet offerings and à la carte menu. Diners often remark on the balance between enjoying excellent food and the lively ambiance without overindulgence in drinks.

European Brunch

The feedback underscores the exceptional experience we strive to offer every Saturday. Their reviews reflect our commitment to excellence in both culinary and service standards. Join us to discover why so many are captivated by our European Brunch.

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