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Elevating Weekend Brunch Culture in The City At 1 Lombard

Get ready for our brand-new Saturday brunch extravaganza at 1 Lombard Street! As the drinks flow, join us in celebrating the essence of good food, locally sourced from the British Isles and the Atlantic sea. Every Saturday from 12 PM – 2 PM, and 3 PM – 5 PM. Join us at 1 Lombard Street in the beating heart of the historic City of London, the home of the first-ever Michelin Star in the Square Mile.

Weekend Brunch in The City

Our offer will be in keeping with our well-established traditions, simple and elegant, and we will partner with some of the UK’s finest suppliers to bring you a seasonally changing menu that encapsulates the very best of British produce. Bottomless Seasonal Sharing Feast is priced at £55 per person with free-flowing drinks including Bubbles, Beers, and Aperol Spritz (& soft drinks). Brunch Hours 12 PM – 5 PM. Live DJ throughout.

What Makes 1 Lombard Street's Brunch Unique?

What makes 1 Lombard Street's brunch unique is our dedication to quality and tradition. We source our food from the finest UK suppliers, ensuring that our menu reflects the best of British produce. Our Bottomless Seasonal Sharing Feast, priced at £55 per person, includes free-flowing drinks like Bubbles, Beers, and Aperol Spritz.

We offer two seating times, ensuring flexibility for our guests. Furthermore, our live DJ provides an energetic atmosphere, enhancing the overall dining experience. Located in the historic City of London, we take pride in maintaining the prestigious standards that earned us the first-ever Michelin Star in the Square Mile. Join us for an unforgettable brunch.

Weekend Brunch in The City: Menu Highlights

Our Weekend Brunch offers a remarkable dining experience with a menu designed to impress. At 1 Lombard Street, a fine dining restaurant in London, we provide a Bottomless Seasonal Sharing Feast that showcases the best of British produce. Guests can choose from a variety of mains, including Steak, Lobster, or Eggs.

Each dish is crafted from locally sourced ingredients, ensuring top quality and fresh flavors. Paired with free-flowing drinks, our brunch is perfect for a leisurely weekend afternoon. Join us to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and excellent cuisine at the heart of the historic City of London.

Meet Chef James Holden: The Vision Behind the Brunch

Join us at 1 Lombard Street fine dining restaurant in London for our new Saturday brunch! Enjoy exceptional food made from the finest ingredients sourced across the British Isles and the Atlantic. Try our Devon Blue Lobster or savor tomatoes from the Isle of Wight paired with English Mozzarella from La Latteria.

Weekend Brunch in The City

Or, experience Peter Hannan’s aged Steak from Glenarm Estate, topped with a Clarence Court Egg. We focus on the quality and backstory of our ingredients as much as the cooking. Our dedication to excellence ensures an unforgettable dining experience. Come by any Saturday; we can’t wait to welcome you.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

At 1 Lombard Street fine dining restaurant in London, we take pride in our brunch experience. Our guests consistently praise our commitment to quality. "The best brunch in London," one patron noted. Others commend our locally sourced ingredients and vibrant atmosphere. "Every dish was impeccable," said another satisfied customer.

Many highlight the live DJ, adding, "The music made our visit unforgettable." Reviewers also appreciate the flexible seating times and bottomless drinks. "Great value for money," one guest wrote. We’re thrilled to see such positive feedback and strive to continue delivering excellence every Saturday. Visit us and experience a brunch you'll want to repeat.

Live DJ: Adding Rhythm to Your Brunch Experience

At 1 Lombard Street fine dining restaurant in London, our live DJ sets the perfect backdrop for your brunch. Every Saturday, enjoy upbeat music that complements our vibrant atmosphere. The DJ enhances your experience by creating an energetic and enjoyable setting.

The rhythm of the music adds to the lively ambiance, making your visit memorable. We believe that great music, like great food, elevates the dining experience. Join us for brunch and experience the perfect harmony of exquisite cuisine and engaging entertainment.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Brunch Experience at 1 Lombard Street

In conclusion, 1 Lombard Street offers a weekend brunch experience that is unparalleled in the city. Our commitment to sourcing the finest local ingredients ensures that each dish on our menu is both delicious and of the highest quality. The Bottomless Seasonal Sharing Feast, complemented by free-flowing drinks, allows our guests to indulge in a rich array of flavors.

Weekend Brunch in The City

Our live DJ provides an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, adding a unique rhythm to your brunch. The passion and vision of Chef James Holden bring it all together, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience every Saturday. Join us at 1 Lombard Street, where tradition meets innovation, and savor a brunch that epitomizes the best of British cuisine in the historic heart of London.

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