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A Premier City Date Night Experience At 1 Lombard

Looking for an unforgettable City date night? Visit our bar, brasserie, and restaurant at 1 Lombard Street in London's historic Square Mile. We've been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 1998, all with menus crafted by our head chef James Holden.

City date night

Enjoy our reimagined classic cocktails and an impressive fine wine list under a beautiful glass cupola skylight. Join us for a premier dining experience in the heart of the City of London. We recommend you experience what we have to offer at 1 Lombard Street for your next City date night.

Menu Highlights for a City Date Night

Delight in our menu curated for a perfect City date night. Start with steamed asparagus with hollandaise and poached Burford brown. Another excellent starter is La Latteria's English burrata with heritage beets and spring greens. For the main course, seared seabass accompanied by leek, brown shrimp, and lemon offers a delicate yet flavourful choice.

Alternatively, enjoy our sirloin steak, aged for at least 30 days in a Himalayan salt chamber and sourced from regenerative farms in Ireland and England. Conclude your meal with our sticky toffee pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel, or try the lemon meringue pie with berry compote.

Specialty Cocktails and Fine Wines

At 1 Lombard, we offer a variety of specialty cocktails and fine wines to complement your date night experience. Our cocktails include The Junction, featuring Jensens Bermondsey Dry Gin, and Lombard's Butter Rum, a blend of rums and Glastonbury whey butter in hot cinnamon and clove tea. Try the Ol' Pudding with brandy infused with winter spices, or the Marzipan Delight with Konik's Tail Vodka and Disaronno.

For a unique treat, the Ice Toddy and Christmopolitan are must-try options. We also provide a range of draught and bottled beers, ciders, and non-alcoholic options like Nirvana Lager. Our wine selection spans sparkling, white, rosé, and red, featuring labels from France, Italy, Spain, and beyond. Enjoy a curated experience with each sip.

City date night

Dining Under the Glass Cupola Skylight

Expect lavish interiors at 1 Lombard Street, perfect for a City date night. The brasserie’s circular skylight casts sunlight over the bar below, giving the dining room a bright and airy feel. Our restaurant walls showcase stunning artworks by notable British artists like Antony Gormley and Steve Claydon.

Mobiles hang from above, adding a unique touch to your dining experience. This exquisite environment enhances the charm of your City date night, ensuring a memorable visit.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Many couples have enjoyed their City date night at 1 Lombard Street. One guest stated, "Our dinner was exceptional; the atmosphere under the glass cupola skylight added a unique touch." Another review mentioned, "The menu selections are perfect for a romantic evening. The sirloin steak and fine wines were highlights of our night."

Additionally, a customer noted, "The ambiance and service were impeccable. We can't wait to return for another date night." Numerous reviews praise the attentive staff and exquisite dishes, particularly the burrata and sticky toffee pudding. For an unforgettable City date night, 1 Lombard Street consistently delivers an exceptional experience.

Conclusion on Your Ideal City Date Night at 1 Lombard

An evening at 1 Lombard Street promises to be a remarkable date night in the heart of London. From the elegant dining under the glass cupola skylight to the expertly curated menu featuring delicacies like steamed asparagus with hollandaise and poached Burford brown and the sirloin steak aged for at least 30 days, every detail is designed to delight.

City date night

Complementing your meal are specialty cocktails and fine wines, each crafted to enhance your culinary experience. Guests consistently praise the exceptional service, exquisite dishes, and enchanting environment, making 1 Lombard Street a premier destination for a City date night. For those looking to create lasting memories, 1 Lombard Street offers an experience both refined and unforgettable.

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