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Elevating Brunch Culture in Central London At 1 Lombard

Elevating the brunch culture is our mission at 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London. We aim to redefine brunch experiences by combining exquisite dishes with a sophisticated atmosphere. Our menu features a blend of classic and contemporary flavours, designed to delight and surprise.

Brunch Culture

We invite you to savor the best of brunch culture in Central London, where every meal is a celebration of culinary excellence and warm hospitality. Join us and see why our brunches stand out as a unique dining experience.

Signature Dishes at 1 Lombard Street

Starters have included English asparagus, steamed and served with a velvety Hollandaise sauce and perfectly poached Burford brown eggs, and Severn & Wye smoked var salmon served on rye with capers and dill. As for the main course, dishes could include Loch Duart salmon with a spring vegetable salad and herb mayonnaise, 30-day Himalayan salt-aged steaks from breeds native to the British Isles, or a lamb Barnsley chop with crushed Jersey Royals, a wild garlic salsa verde, and lamb gravy.

And to top it all off, guests can finish off with a springtime Yorkshire rhubarb crumble, dark chocolate dome with amarena cherry, or a classic sticky toffee pudding. We at 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London, take pride in offering a truly luxurious brunch experience. Transition seamlessly from mouth-watering starters to exquisite mains, completing your meal with delightful desserts.

A Word from Our Chef: Crafting Culinary Excellence

"Join us for our new Saturday brunch at 1 Lombard Street. Come and enjoy great food, with ingredients from around the British Isles and the Atlantic. Try our Devon Blue Lobster or tomatoes from the Isle of Wight with English Mozzarella from La Latteria. Or, go for Peter Hannan’s aged steak from Glenarm Estate, topped with a Clarence Court egg. We focus on the quality and backstory of our ingredients just as much as how we cook them. Come by any Saturday. We can’t wait to have you over. " Chef James Holden

The Importance of Quality Ingredients in Brunch Culture

At 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London, we emphasize the importance of quality ingredients in elevating brunch culture. Fresh, local produce enhances the flavor and nutritional value of each dish. We source our ingredients from around the British Isles and the Atlantic to ensure superior quality. This commitment results in dishes like Devon Blue Lobster or tomatoes from the Isle of Wight with English Mozzarella.

Brunch Culture

Our dedication to quality is evident in every bite, from the seafood to the meats, like Peter Hannan’s aged steak. These choices reflect our passion for delivering an exceptional brunch experience. High-quality ingredients are the foundation of our culinary excellence.

Bottomless Bubbles: An Iconic Saturday Experience

Join us every Saturday for our renowned Bottomless Bubbles at 1 Lombard Street. Guests can indulge in our finest Prosecco, Beer, and Aperol Spritz. This offer is designed to enhance your brunch experience, pairing perfectly with our exquisite menu.

The unlimited drinks allow you to enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace. This iconic Saturday event reflects our commitment to providing an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Come and elevate your brunch experience with our Bottomless Bubbles. Make your Saturdays special at 1 Lombard Street.

Live Music and Brunch: Enhancing Your Dining Experience

At 1 Lombard Street restaurant in Bank, London, we believe live music significantly enhances your brunch experience. Each Saturday, we feature talented local musicians who create the perfect ambiance for your meal. Their performances add a dynamic atmosphere, elevating the entire dining experience.

Brunch Culture - live music

The blend of live music and our exquisite menu makes for an unforgettable brunch. Our guests appreciate the lively yet sophisticated environment this combination offers. Join us to experience the harmonious fusion of delectable dishes and captivating live performances. We are committed to providing a memorable brunch that delights all your senses.

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