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1 Lombard Street - The Best Known Banker Restaurant?

Effortlessly elegant all-day dining encapsulates the essence of our space at 1 Lombard Street, the banker restaurant where the city convenes from Monday to Saturday. Since opening in 1998 in the heart of London's Square Mile, we have served as a meeting spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and now, Saturday brunch.

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Our Brasserie, characterized by its relaxed yet stylish atmosphere, champions the seasons with menus that celebrate the best of British produce. Our head chef, James Holden, curates dishes with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, ensuring each plate reflects the richness of the current season. At 1 Lombard Street, we believe dining should be about simplicity, sustainability, and a commitment to quality, making every meal a memorable experience.

Show-Stopping Seasonal Dishes at 1 Lombard Street

At 1 Lombard Street, our commitment extends to offering show-stopping seasonal dishes. We source ingredients locally, affirming our dedication to sustainability. Each season ushers in a new menu, ensuring diners experience the freshest flavors. This isn't just dining; it's about celebrating the bounty of the British countryside right in the heart of London. We take pride in this approach, inviting guests to relish the unique tastes each season presents. Our menus are thoughtfully curated, reflecting our ethos of simplicity matched with unparalleled quality.

Menu Highlights at The Banker Restaurant: From Starters to Dessert

At 1 Lombard Street, our dedication extends to crafting a menu that dazzles from starters to desserts. Begin your culinary adventure with a La Latteria burrata, paired with Isle of Wight tomatoes, toasted hazelnuts, and basil, priced at £9.50. Alternatively, indulge in a Dingley Dell ham hock and green bean salad, enriched with piccalilli dressing and a deep-fried egg for £8.75. Transitioning to our main courses, we offer a Chicken Holstein, garnished with anchovies and caper butter, at £22.50. For seafood enthusiasts, our Cornish Lobster linguine provides an immersive taste of the sea, available for £17.00 or a larger portion at £34.

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Meanwhile, traditional fare lovers can savor our Old Spot pork double pork sausages, accompanied by Colcannon and onion gravy, for £18.50. Conclude your meal on a high note with our dessert selection. Delight in a Roughway Farm cherry and Willy’s chocolate cake for £9.00, or an apple and gooseberry crumble tart with vanilla ice cream for £8.50. For a refreshing finish, our vegan raspberry mousse at £8.00 offers a guilt-free pleasure. In crafting these offerings, we stay true to our ethos, presenting a menu that embodies simplicity, sustainability, and uncompromised quality, making every dining experience at our banker restaurant truly memorable.

The Architectural and Artistic Grandeur of 1 Lombard Street Banker Restaurant

The Architectural and Artistic Grandeur of 1 Lombard Street Banker Restaurant effortlessly integrates the historical with the contemporary. Our home, a former bank building, now hosts a Modern European brasserie and a bar beneath a stunning circular skylight. This feature bathes our space in natural light, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere we are known for. Within our walls, guests discover an impressive collection of artworks.

Notable British artists such as Antony Gormley and Steve Claydon contribute to the visual feast, complementing the ambiance. Additionally, mobiles adorn the space above, adding a dynamic layer to our refined setting. We take pride in our establishment's ability to marry architectural splendor with cultural significance. Our commitment goes beyond the culinary; it extends to providing an environment where every aspect is thoughtfully curated. This dedication ensures that each visit to our banker restaurant remains memorable for all who step through our doors.

Why 1 Lombard Street Stands Out as the Best-Known Banker Restaurant

1 Lombard Street's prominence as the best-known banker restaurant is well-earned. Our unique positioning in the heart of London's financial district has made us a beacon for city professionals. Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability stands us apart. We source ingredients locally, ensuring fresh, seasonal dishes grace our tables. This commitment not only supports local farmers but also reduces our carbon footprint.

banker restaurant

Additionally, the seamless integration of historical architecture with modern culinary excellence creates an unparalleled dining experience. Our menus reflect a deep understanding of British culinary traditions, curated with an innovative twist by Head Chef James Holden. It is not just about dining; it's about engaging in a tradition of excellence. Every meal served is a testament to our philosophy of simplicity, sustainability, and quality. This is why we remain a preferred destination for those who appreciate the finer aspects of dining and service.

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