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A Guide to a Relaxing Escape at 1 Lombard Street's Cozy Bar

Step into the Cozy Bar at 1 Lombard Street and immerse yourself in a sensory journey through the world of handcrafted drinks. Our artisanal cocktail bar invites you to experience a sophisticated ambiance where classic meets contemporary.

Cozy Bar

We celebrate the artistry of cocktails, using only the finest locally and globally sourced ingredients. Our expert mixologists showcase their mastery with a carefully curated menu that offers a diverse range of flavors, from timeless favorites to innovative creations, ensuring a drink to satisfy every palate. Join us under the Italian-designed glass cupola skylight and enjoy exceptional taste and elevated spirits.

The Art of Mixology at Our Cozy Bar

At our cozy bar, mixology is a craft where we prioritize ingredient sourcing to ensure the best quality. We choose both local and global ingredients with care. Our mixologists are experts with years of experience and dedication.

The cocktail menu reflects their skill, offering a range of drinks from classic favorites to innovative new recipes. Each drink is crafted with precision for a unique flavor profile. Visiting our cozy bar means enjoying the expertise and creativity of our team with every sip.

Signature Cocktails at our Cozy Bar

Our signature cocktails cater to various tastes with carefully curated ingredients and expert craftsmanship. For those who enjoy a gin martini, The Junction combines Jensens Bermondsey Dry Gin with Bénédictine, Noily Prat, Maraschino, and orange bitters. Lombard's Butter Rum blends Diplomatic and Two Drifters spiced rum with Glastonbury whey butter into a hot tea.

The Ol' Pudding features brandy infused with winter spices and butterscotch syrup. Marzipan Delight, made with Konik's Tail Vodka and Disaronno, offers a creamy indulgence. The Ice Toddy mixes Glenmorangie 10yr with honey water and lemon juice. Lastly, the Christmopolitan combines Elephant gin with Mandarin liqueur, lemon, and cranberry juice.

Cozy Bar

The Experience Under the Dome Bar

Our Dome Bar, beneath an Italian glass cupola skylight, blends history and modern design, creating a unique atmosphere. The skylight illuminates the space, bringing a touch of elegance to each visit. We carefully chose aesthetic features to complement the skylight, enhancing your experience.

Ideal times to visit include early evenings and weekends when the ambiance is at its peak. Our sophisticated setting, combined with expertly crafted cocktails, offers a perfect escape for relaxation. Join us and enjoy the serene environment and outstanding service that define our Dome Bar.

Wine and Spirits Selection

At our cozy bar, we offer an extensive list of wines, including rare and vintage options, catering to diverse tastes. Our wine selection features choices like Prosecco Brut and Deutz Classic, as well as English sparkling wines from Lyme Bay and Exton Park.

We source our wines meticulously to ensure quality and variety. Additionally, we have a diverse range of spirits that cater to a wide array of preferences. Each bottle in our collection has been chosen with care, reflecting our commitment to providing an exceptional experience. Visit us to explore our carefully curated wine and spirits selection under the Dome Bar's exquisite ambiance.

Food Pairings at Cozy Bar

Our cozy bar offers a carefully curated food menu that complements our handcrafted drinks. Begin your meal with steamed asparagus with hollandaise or English burrata with heritage beets. For the main course, enjoy seared seabass with leek and brown shrimp or our aged sirloin steak, sourced from ethical farms.

Cozy Bar

Desserts include sticky toffee pudding and lemon meringue pie, perfect endings to your culinary journey. Pair these dishes with our signature cocktails for an enhanced dining experience. We also offer seasonal and local food options to ensure freshness and flavor in every bite. Join us at our cozy bar and elevate your dining experience.

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