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1 Lombard- A Gem among Cocktail Bars in The City

Welcome to 1 Lombard, one of the most sparkling cocktail bars in The City! Set in the heart of London, we're the go-to spot for those seeking the perfect mix of ambiance and taste. Our menu boasts a delightful array of cocktails, from the classic Gin Martini to our winter-spiced Brandy concoction, Ol' Pudding.

Cocktail Bars in The City

Why not start your evening with a Lombard's Butter Rum, blending spiced rum and Glastonbury whey butter into a hot cinnamon and clove tea? Or, for the sweet-toothed, a Marzipan Delight might just hit the spot. And let's not forget our selection of lagers, ales, and stouts for the traditionalists. So, come join us at 1 Lombard – where every sip is a journey, and every visit a delight. Trust us, it's not just a cocktail bar, it's an experience.

The Art of the Cocktail at 1 Lombard

Ever wondered what magic our mixologists stir into your glass at 1 Lombard? Let's venture behind the bar and reveal the secrets of our deliciously unique cocktails. The Junction, our signature creation, is a delicate blend of tequila, lime, and local honey. It's a multifaceted delight that makes your taste buds dance in a symphony of fiery tequila and sweet, mellow honey. Then there's the Christmopolitan — our festive twist on the classic Cosmopolitan.

A jubilant mix of vodka, cranberry juice, and a dash of orange liqueur, it's all topped with a sprig of rosemary and a dusting of powdered sugar, capturing the very essence of Christmas in a glass. Crafting these cocktails is akin to composing a symphony, with each ingredient playing its part to create a harmonious and unforgettable taste sensation. So, next time you're at 1 Lombard, remember — you're not just sipping a cocktail, you're enjoying a carefully crafted work of art.

A Taste of Tradition with Our Lagers, Ales, and Stouts

For those of you who prefer a pint over a cocktail, don't worry, your traditional taste buds are catered for here at 1 Lombard too! Our stellar selection of lagers, ales, and stouts is no less impressive than our cocktail menu. Fancy a frothy pint of traditional English ale? We've got you covered.

Cocktail Bars in The City

Or perhaps, you're a fan of the rich, creamy delight that is stout? Again, we've got you sorted. Our team takes great pride in sourcing beers from some of the finest breweries in the UK and beyond. Each pint we pour is a tribute to the time-honored traditions of brewing. So, if you're not in the mood for a cocktail, why not embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of traditional beers? We assure you, it's not just a pint, it's an adventure!

The Sweet Side of 1 Lombard- A Gem Cocktail Bars in The City

For those who prefer their drinks on the sweeter side, 1 Lombard is nothing less than a paradise. Let's take you on a tantalizing journey into our sweeter offerings, a delightful detour from the traditional cocktail. Treat your palate to our Marzipan Delight, a sweet sensation that masterfully combines the richness of marzipan with a splash of amaretto, all topped off with a dusting of cocoa – it's like a dessert in a glass!

Or, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, why not try our Ol' Pudding? This winter-spiced Brandy concoction served hot, is a nod to the traditional Christmas pudding, complete with a sprig of holly. It's smooth, it's creamy, and it's filled with delightful holiday spices that will make you feel all cozy inside. So, if you're a dessert lover looking for something a bit different, come join us at 1 Lombard. Remember, it's not just a sweet drink, it's a sweet experience!

Downstairs at 1 Lombard - A Touch of Sophistication

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of The City, lies a hidden gem that adds an extra dash of sophistication to your visit at 1 Lombard. As you wind your way downstairs, you'll discover our artisanal cocktail bar, a spot that oozes elegance and exclusivity. This is where our mixologists weave their magic, crafting tantalizing tipples in a space that exudes an intimate speakeasy vibe.

Cocktail Bars in The City

With an atmosphere equally suited for a cozy date night or a spirited catch-up with mates, it's the perfect setting to savor our signature concoctions whilst enjoying the rich and inviting decor. So, next time you're at 1 Lombard, make sure you venture downstairs. It's not just a cocktail bar, it's a secret haven brimming with charm and sophistication.

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