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Welcome To The Best London Restaurant-1 Lombard

At 1 Lombard Street, we stand proudly in the vibrant heart of The City, directly opposite Bank station. Our setting is a breathtaking former banking hall, radiating a sense of grandeur that makes every visit unforgettable. Whether you're marking a special occasion with a sumptuous three-course meal or seeking a satisfying light lunch, our diverse menus, curated by head chef James Holden, are designed to appeal to every palate.

Welcome To The Best London Restaurant

The brasserie's magnificent circular skylight bathes our bar in sunlight, enhancing the spacious dining area's welcoming atmosphere. Our walls are adorned with exceptional artworks by British luminaries such as Antony Gormley and Steve Claydon, adding to the refined ambiance. We take pride in our seasonal menus that showcase the finest sustainably sourced British produce, changing almost weekly to offer new delights. Our extensive wine list and drink options ensure that your dining experience is perfectly complemented. At 1 Lombard Street, we're more than just a meal; we're an experience to be cherished.

Exploring the Menu Highlights at 1 Lombard Street (London Restaurant)

At 1 Lombard Street, our menus are a testament to the richness of British cuisine, crafted with a passion for seasonality and sustainability. Our starters, such as the La Latteria burrata paired with Isle of Wight tomatoes and toasted hazelnuts, set the stage for a memorable dining experience. Likewise, the Dingley Dell ham hock and green bean salad showcase our commitment to using premium, locally sourced ingredients.

Moving onto main courses, the Chicken Holstein, enriched with anchovies and caper butter, and the Cornish Lobster linguine offer a glimpse into our culinary expertise. For those with a penchant for comfort food, our Old Spot pork sausages with Colcannon and onion gravy promise satisfaction. We conclude with desserts like the Roughway Farm cherry and Willy’s chocolate cake or our vegan raspberry mousse, ensuring a sweet ending to your meal. Each dish reflects our dedication to excellence and the rich tapestry of British produce.

The Unique Ambience of 1 Lombard Street (London Restaurant)

At 1 Lombard Street, we invite you to experience the unique ambiance that sets our London restaurant apart. Our brasserie's magnificent circular skylight floods the dining area with natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The walls exhibit stunning artworks by renowned British artists, including Antony Gormley and Steve Claydon, contributing to the refined environment.

Above, mobiles softly sway, adding a dynamic element to our space. We believe that the setting in which one dines is just as important as the meal itself. Therefore, we have carefully designed our restaurant to offer not only culinary delights but also a visually stimulating experience. This commitment to excellence in every detail distinguishes us in the vibrant heart of London.

Welcome To The Best London Restaurant

The Art of Mixology: Exquisite Cocktails at 1 Lombard Street

At Downstairs at 1 Lombard, we invite you to a world where cocktail-making is an art form. Here, we blend tradition with innovation, offering a menu that satisfies all tastes. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best ingredients, ensuring each beverage we craft not only tastes exquisite but also tells a story.

Our mixologists, experts in their craft, are passionate about creating drinks that leave a lasting impression. From the timeless elegance of a Gin Martini to the warm comfort of our Lombard's Butter Rum, each cocktail is a testament to our commitment to quality. Join us, and allow us to take you on a memorable journey through the art of mixology.

Downstairs at 1 Lombard Street: An Exclusive Cocktail Experience

Downstairs at 1 Lombard introduces an exclusive cocktail experience. Here, we blend tradition with innovation, focusing on the artistry of cocktails. Our menu, crafted with the finest ingredients, offers a variety of flavors. From classic to innovative drinks, there's something for every taste. Our mixologists, experts in their craft, ensure each cocktail is a testament to our commitment to quality. Join us for an unforgettable mixology journey. Cheers to exceptional taste and elevated spirits!

1 Lombard Street's Commitment to Sustainability and Local Sourcing

At 1 Lombard Street, we hold a steadfast commitment to sustainability and local sourcing. Our menus, crafted from the finest British produce, reflect our dedication to environmentally responsible practices. We collaborate closely with local farmers and producers. This ensures not only the freshness of our ingredients but also supports the local economy.

Our seasonal menus are a testament to this pledge, changing regularly to incorporate the best of what's available. In doing so, we minimize our carbon footprint while providing our guests with exceptional dishes. By choosing 1 Lombard Street, patrons support a business that genuinely cares for the environment and local communities. This approach complements our culinary excellence with ethical integrity.

Hosting Events at 1 Lombard Street: From Intimate Gatherings to Grand Celebrations

At 1 Lombard Street, we offer a plethora of options for hosting your special events. Positioned opposite the Bank of England, our location promises ease of access and an impressive backdrop for any occasion. Our Grade-II listed setting, from intimate dinners in our 1776 dining room to grand celebrations in the main Bar & Brasserie, can be tailored to match your needs.

Welcome To The Best London Restaurant

Our in-house events team ensures seamless planning, from menu selection to décor arrangements. Furthermore, for external events, we partner with Goose Box Catering to deliver bespoke dining experiences, ensuring your event is memorable. Whether planning a small gathering or a large party, trust us at 1 Lombard Street to make it exceptional.

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