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Unveiling The Lombard Club: A Hidden Gem among Bars in Bank London

Nestled in the heart of The City among bars in Bank, we at The Lombard Club pride ourselves on creating a sanctuary where the clink of glasses and the murmur of deal-making mingle in harmony. As the unsung hero of private dining in Bank London, our enclave is quite the spot for both the corporate elite and those special gatherings with loved ones.

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The dishes are a delightful nod to English and European culinary ingenuity, crafted with a contemporary flair by none other than our esteemed Head Chef James Holden. Excellence is not just what we strive for; it's what we deliver. Our dedicated Events team is at the helm, ensuring every microscopic detail is sculpted to tailor-fit your event's needs. We're more than just a venue; we're the weavers of your event's tapestry, ensuring every thread is woven to perfection, bringing the grandeur of your vision to life with every meeting, and every special occasion at The Lombard Club.

Meet The Lombard Club: Bank London's Best Kept Secret

Welcome to The Lombard Club, Bank London's stealthy slice of sophistication, where exclusivity meets elegance in a confluence of fine dining and bespoke service. A stone's throw from the historic Royal Exchange, we stand as a hub for the discerning, a discreet venue for those in the know. At our establishment, every meal is an epicurean journey led by the deft hands of Head Chef James Holden, whose culinary prowess is matched only by our passionate devotion to creating an unrivaled atmosphere.

Our reputation as connoisseurs of private dining is well-earned—I invite you to step through our doors and immerse yourself in an ambiance where excellence is both a benchmark and a promise. Trust us; your events will unfurl with a seamless grace that only The Lombard Club can deliver. Whether it’s a high-powered business luncheon or a personal celebration, we are committed to orchestrating an experience that is as flawless as it is memorable.

A Peek into The Lombard Club’s Delectable Offerings - Bars in Bank

Allow us to embark you on a culinary expedition through The Lombard Club's esteemed menu, where each dish is meticulously curated to captivate your palate. Our starter, the La Latteria burrata paired with Isle of Wight tomatoes, toasted hazelnuts, and fragrant basil, is priced at £9.50 and promises a sumptuous beginning. For a savory twist, our Dingley Dell ham hock and green bean salad with piccalilli dressing and a deep-fried egg, available for £8.75, offers a harmonious balance of flavors.

Bars in Bank

Progressing to the main courses, indulge in our Chicken Holstein, adorned with anchovies and caper butter for £22.50, or savor the delicacy of our Cornish Lobster linguine, offered at £17.00, or £34 for a generous portion. Carnivores may delight in our Old Spot pork double sausages, accompanied by Colcannon and onion gravy for £18.50, a dish that pays homage to traditional British fare.

Our dessert selection concludes your journey on a sweet note. Choose between the indulgent Roughway farm cherry and Willy’s chocolate cake at £9.00, our homely Apple and gooseberry crumble tart with vanilla ice cream for £8.50, or the vegan-friendly Raspberry mousse, available at £8.00. Each dessert is crafted to provide a fitting finale to your dining experience at The Lombard Club, where we pride ourselves on every dish served from kitchen to table.

Planning Your Event at The Lombard Club: What You Need to Know

When you're planning an event with us, at The Lombard Club, perfection isn't just an aspiration—it's our standard. We dedicate ourselves to meticulously plotting every aspect of your function. Our Events team will partner with you, ensuring that from the first handshake to the final farewell, your occasion unfolds with the precision and grace you expect. We will customize our service to your vision, guaranteeing that each guest leaves with the impression that they were part of something truly exceptional.

Whether it's a pivotal business meeting or a personal celebration, allow us to breathe life into your event, suffusing it with the exacting sophistication and unrivaled commitment that The Lombard Club is renowned for. With us, it's not just an event; it’s an experience tailored with the utmost refinement and professionalism.

Signature Cocktails and Wines at The Lombard Club - Bars in Bank

At The Lombard Club, we have elevated the craft of mixology to an art form. Our circular bar, beneath the awe-inspiring domed cupola, is where London's elite congregate to taste our signature concoctions. Choose from our carefully curated cocktails, such as the Blood & Sand or the Charles Chaplin, each mixed to perfection and priced at £10, promising a sophisticated palate experience. Or, perhaps, opt for the exquisite blend of the Singapore Sling.

Bars in Bank

Our Strawberry Slinky, a refreshing mixture of fresh strawberries and vanilla sugar harmoniously blended with Crystal Head vodka, is both invigorating and sublime. We also boast an impressive selection of Old World wines, available by the glass and perfect to accompany our refined bar snacks. From the delicate pigeon legs and rich arancini to classic club sandwiches and charcuterie platters, our culinary offerings are designed to complement our extensive drink repertoire. Rest assured, the service we provide is professional and polished, ensuring an experience that's impeccable and memorable.

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