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Unwind at 1 Lombard's Cozy Bar in The City of London

Welcome to Downstairs at 1 Lombard, a distinguished City of London bar where tradition and innovation blend seamlessly. Enjoy reimagined classic cocktails and a fine wine list under a glass cupola skylight. Our artisanal cocktail bar invites you on a sensory journey through the world of handcrafted libations.

City of London bar

Immerse yourself in a sophisticated ambiance where classic meets contemporary, and our expert mixologists showcase their mastery. We celebrate the artistry of cocktails by using only the finest ingredients, sourced locally and globally. Our carefully curated menu offers a diverse range of flavors. Experience the thrill of meticulously crafted cocktails, and discover a unique haven where mixology truly becomes an unforgettable experience. Cheers to exceptional taste and elevated spirits!

The Art of Cocktail Making

At Downstairs at 1 Lombard, our expert mixologists showcase their exceptional craftsmanship. They specialize in creating unique cocktails using the finest locally and globally sourced ingredients. Each cocktail is prepared with precision and creativity, ensuring a memorable experience.

Our mixologists' dedication to their craft is evident in every sip, with each drink meticulously balanced to highlight its distinct flavors. Their expertise is not just in mixing drinks but in understanding the intricate science behind each component. With a commitment to innovation and tradition, our bar presents a menu that caters to a diverse palette. Join us to witness the true art of cocktail making, where every detail is perfected.

Signature Cocktails at Downstairs at 1 Lombard

At Downstairs at 1 Lombard, our signature cocktails highlight the ingenuity of our mixologists. The Junction is a unique take for gin enthusiasts, combining Jensens Bermondsey Dry Gin, Bénédictine, Noilly Prat, Maraschino, and orange bitters. Lombard's Butter Rum merges Diplomatic and Two Drifters spiced rum with Glastonbury whey butter, creating a warm blend reminiscent of hot buttered rum and hot toddy.

The Ol' Pudding infuses brandy with winter spices, dates, golden raisins, and caramelized butterscotch syrup, perfect for old-fashioned lovers. For a creamy delight, Marzipan Delight merges Konik's Tail Vodka, Disaronno, vanilla, double cream, and cranberry bitters. Ice Toddy, featuring Glenmorangie 10yr, Benedictine, honey water, and lemon juice, offers a refreshing twist for those who enjoy penicillin cocktails. Finally, the Christmopolitan, made with Elephant gin, Mandarin liqueur, and a blend of lemon and cranberry juice, adds a sophisticated twist to the classic cosmopolitan.

An Extensive Wine and Spirits Selection

The curated selection at Downstairs at 1 Lombard showcases an impressive range of wines and spirits. For a sparkling start, options include Prosecco Brut Via Vai from Italy, Deutz Classic Brut Champagne from France, and Lyme Bay Brut from Devon. English sparkling wines like RB32 Brut Reserve from Exton Park are also featured. White wine choices range from Chenin Blanc by Paul Mas in France to Sauvignon Blanc by Château Laborde in Bordeaux.

City of London bar

For rosé lovers, selections include Cinsult from Pays D'Oc and Bandol from La Suffrene. The red collection boasts wines such as Merlot from St-Emilion, Pinot Noir from Moulin de Gassac, and Chianti Classico from Caparsa, Tuscany. Rare wines include the prestigious Petrus Pomerol from France. Magnum and larger bottles like Chateau Latour also enhance the selection. These offerings ensure a sophisticated drinking experience for all preferences.

The Ambiance: Classic Meets Contemporary

Downstairs at 1 Lombard (City of London bar) seamlessly combines a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere. The bar features a unique blend of classic and contemporary elements. The glass cupola skylight bathes the space in natural light. This enhances the warm and inviting ambiance. Expertly designed interiors evoke a sense of tradition while embracing modernity.

Every detail, from the furniture to the lighting, is chosen to create a harmonious environment. Patrons feel both relaxed and indulged as they enjoy their drinks. The ambiance elevates the drinking experience, making each visit memorable. Appreciate the elegance and charm of this City of London bar.

Locally and Globally Sourced Ingredients

At Downstairs at 1 Lombard, we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients. We source these ingredients both locally and globally. This ensures each cocktail is crafted to perfection. Our selection process focuses on freshness and sustainability.

By choosing premium spirits and mixers, we elevate the taste of every drink. Collaborating with trusted suppliers guarantees the authenticity of our ingredients. This dedication to quality is reflected in every sip you take. Experience the superior flavors crafted from the best that nature has to offer. Join us to taste the difference that premium ingredients make.

Review and Testimonials from Patrons of the City of London Bar

Patrons of Downstairs at 1 Lombard consistently praise the exceptional quality and atmosphere. Customers commend the expert craftsmanship of the mixologists. Many appreciate the innovative cocktail menu, highlighting unique flavor combinations. The attentive service has also been noted as a standout feature.

City of London bar

Reviewers mention the sophisticated ambiance created by the blend of classic and contemporary design elements. They frequently comment on the high-quality, locally and globally sourced ingredients. Guests recommend Downstairs at 1 Lombard as a top destination for both casual and special occasions. Positive feedback frequently references the extensive selection of wines and spirits. Visitors often express their eagerness to return, citing memorable drinking experiences.

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