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City of London Restaurants - Visit 1 Lombard Street

Nestled within the historical heart of London's Square Mile, 1 Lombard Street has been a culinary beacon to city dwellers and visitors alike since 1998. Our venue marries the grandeur of a former bank building with an airy, modern brasserie, crowned by a stunning domed skylight that bathes our guests in natural light as they dine. Our doors are open six days a week for those seeking an elegant dining experience, whether it be for a hearty breakfast, a business lunch, or an intimate dinner.

city of london restaurants

At the Brasserie, our ethos is to honor the rhythms of nature, and to work with the finest British produce our lands and seas offer. Our head chef, James Holden, curates menus that exult in the vibrancy of freshly picked produce, the richness of responsibly farmed meats, and the freshness of seafood, caught within Britain's waters. As we invite you to join us, rest assured that every dish is a testament to the season's finest, crafted with care and a dedication to sustainability.

Your Culinary Day Out: Scheduling an All-Day Dining Experience

At 1 Lombard Street, we understand that a meal is more than just food; it's an experience. We're proud to stretch this experience throughout the day. Begin with a robust breakfast to kick-start your morning right in the City of London. Transition seamlessly into a business lunch, where efficiency meets fine dining, ensuring you make the most of your time without compromising on quality.

As evening beckons, our dinner service boasts the epitome of British culinary excellence, making us a standout among City of London restaurants. We arrange our service to harmonize with your schedule, guaranteeing a seamless dining journey from dawn to dusk. We don't just offer meals; we curate an all-day dining symphony, assuring that every visit is as timely as it is memorable.

Commitment to Locality: Sourcing with Integrity at Our City of London Restaurant

We at 1 Lombard Street take pride in our relationships with local suppliers. Our resolve is anchored in procuring the finest British ingredients for our discerning diners. We forge close partnerships with suppliers who share our ethos of sustainability and quality. These bonds allow us to serve dishes enriched with local flavors unique to the city of London restaurants.

We ensure that our patronage supports the local economy and reduces our carbon footprint. We are steadfast in our belief that responsible sourcing is not a mere trend but a duty to our community and the environment. Every meal we serve is a pledge to this principle, to present you with not just food, but a gesture of our commitment to excellence and locality.

city of london restaurants

A Peek into the Menu: Seasonal Delicacies at 1 Lombard Street

Our menu at 1 Lombard Street is a testament to the British culinary landscape, featuring the best of each season's produce. As one of the distinguished City of London restaurants, we take great pride in presenting a selection that encapsulates the essence of the city's flavourful heritage. This season, we're delighted to highlight our barrel-aged beetroot salad, a vibrant dish that showcases the freshness of local farms.

For seafood enthusiasts, our line-caught sea bass reflects our dedication to fresh, British-caught fish, simply prepared to accentuate its natural taste. Our commitment to locality extends to our succulent lamb cutlets, sourced from regional pastures to ensure the briefest journey from farm to fork. Each dish we serve is crafted to not only satisfy your palate but also to affirm our dedication to sustainability and community support. We invite you to savor the genuine tastes of the City at our tables.

Evening Elegance: Intimate Dining at Our City of London Restaurant

At 1 Lombard Street, we believe in turning ordinary evenings into experiences of understated sophistication. As evening approaches, our doors open to a serene setting ideal for intimate dinners. We've mastered the art of creating the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy our exceptional seasonal cuisine.

Our dishes, a reflection of the City of London's rich dining scene, are designed to cater to discerning tastes. We offer a tranquil retreat from the bustling city life, where each meal is prepared with care and served with professionalism. Join us for dinner and allow us to provide an experience where quality and comfort coalesce, making us one of the unwavering highlights of City of London restaurants.

Experiencing Weekend Luxury: Saturday Brunch Specials

At 1 Lombard Street, we extend our passion for quality into the leisurely hours of the weekend. Our Saturday brunch offers a taste of luxury unmatched by other City of London restaurants. We present a menu brimming with British culinary classics, ensuring your weekend begins with the utmost refinement.

city of london restaurants

Our guests can indulge in the freshest ingredients sourced locally, where each bite supports both our community's farmers and our commitment to sustainability. We craft each dish to complement a relaxed yet elegant brunch experience. Join us this Saturday and let us elevate your weekend in the City with our thoughtfully curated brunch selections.

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