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The Perfect Business Lunch Spot in London at 1 Lombard

If you're hunting for the quintessential business lunch spot in London, look no further than 1 Lombard Street. Nestled in the heart of the City of London, our bar, brasserie, and restaurant offer an unrivaled dining experience. Since our doors opened in 1998, we've dedicated ourselves to serving delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner creations, meticulously curated by our head chef, James Holden.

Business lunch London

Our seasonal menus are designed to impress, complemented perfectly by our carefully selected fine wines and classic cocktails, reimagined for the modern palate. Under our iconic glass cupola skylight, we promise an atmosphere that's as impressive as our cuisine. Whether it's a crucial meeting or a casual catch-up, we ensure your business lunch at 1 Lombard Street is nothing short of perfect.

The Ambiance of Success: Setting the Scene for a Business Lunch

Expect lavish interiors at 1 Lombard Street, where our brasserie's impressive circular skylight bathes the bar below in sunlight, granting the entire dining area a bright and inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, our restaurant's walls are adorned with stunning artworks by notable British artists such as Antony Gormley and Steve Claydon, and mobiles suspended from above add a dynamic touch. This unique blend of artistic influence and natural light ensures that every business lunch is set against a backdrop of sophistication and success.

Menus That Celebrate the Seasons for Every Business Lunch in London

At 1 Lombard Street, our Brasserie, a space brimming with elegance and character, stands proud. Therefore, we're deeply committed to showcasing the finest British produce and establishing lasting ties with the UK's premier suppliers. Consequently, our menus, expertly curated by executive chef James Holden, feature seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers, fresh fish from British waters, and premium meats from small-scale, distinguished producers.

Hence, main courses vary, from Cumberland sausages with mash to grilled Dorset blue lobster in garlic butter, complemented by an array of steaks. Additionally, our dessert selection revives traditional favorites, including Eton mess, cherry Bakewell pudding, and a rich dark chocolate mousse. Through these choices, we invite our guests to enjoy a business lunch that celebrates the best of every season.

Business lunch London

A Taste of Luxury: Exploring the Wine and Drink Selection

At 1 Lombard Street, we take our wine and drink selection seriously, especially when it comes to enhancing your business lunch experience. Our collection features a sophisticated array of options, from bubbly Prosecco to luxurious English sparkling wines, ensuring the perfect complement to any meal. With selections like the crisp Deutz Classic Brut Champagne and the exquisite Amor de Deutz Rose, our champagne range is tailored to toast your success.

Moving to whites and reds, we offer everything from the vibrant Chenin Blanc to the bold Merlot, each sourced to perfectly match our seasonal menus. For those seeking something truly special, our rare wines, including the esteemed Petrus Pomerol, promise to impress any client or colleague. Our dedication to quality means you'll find the ideal drink to elevate your business discussions and leave a lasting impression.

Sustainable and Local: A Closer Look at the Ingredients

At 1 Lombard Street, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and local sourcing. Our head chef, James Holden, personally oversees our seasonal menus, ensuring they champion local suppliers and feature the very best of sustainably sourced British produce. Consequently, our menus change almost weekly, reflecting our dedication to offering fresh, environmentally responsible dishes.

This approach supports local agriculture and reduces our carbon footprint, demonstrating our belief in responsible culinary practices. Through this, we not only deliver exceptional culinary experiences but also contribute positively to our community and environment. It's this ethos that sets us apart, making us a distinguished choice for business lunches in London.

Leaving a Lasting Impression: The Importance of Location and Atmosphere for Business Lunches

Sat in the heart of The City, just across from Bank station, 1 Lombard Street boasts an enviable location that's hard to beat for a business lunch. The moment you step into this impressive former banking hall, you're greeted with an atmosphere of grandeur. Our variety of menus, crafted with care by head chef James Holden, are designed to cater to any need, whether it's celebrating a big win with a three-course meal or grabbing a light lunch between meetings.

Business lunch London

Consequently, we ensure your business lunch is set in a scene befitting your professional standards. Furthermore, our commitment to using the best of British produce means each plate not only tastes exquisite but also speaks of our dedication to quality and sustainability. With us, your business lunch at 1 Lombard Street becomes an occasion to remember.

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