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Best Cocktail Bar in London - 1 Lombard

Welcome to 1 Lombard, the best cocktail bar in London. Our bar is a delightful medley of fun, flavor, and fantastic cocktails, curated by our genius mixologists. We pride ourselves on our signature mixes like the Junction, Lombard's Butter Rum, and the Marzipan Delight.

Best Cocktail Bar in London

If you fancy a bit of warmth, try our Ice Toddy or Ol' Pudding, it's like a hug in a glass. Oh, and did we mention our Christmopolitan? Trust us, it’s the talk of the town! More of a beer or cider person? We've got you covered with an extensive range of lagers, ales, stouts, and ciders.

And for those preferring the non-alcoholic route, our Nothing to Proof line offers all the flavor with none of the hangover. So, come on down to 1 Lombard, where every sip is a celebration and every flavor tells a story. We're open from 5 pm till midnight. See you there!

The Art of Mixology at 1 Lombard - Best Cocktail Bar in London

At 1 Lombard, mixology isn't just a job, it's a passion. Our talented mixologists wear their hearts on their aprons, pouring their creativity into each cocktail they craft. Take our in-house genius, Tom, for example. He gave birth to 'Junction', a peppery blend of gin and elderflower, inspired by a summer's evening spent in his grandmother's garden.

Or meet Sarah, our cocktail wizard, who introduced us to 'Marzipan Delight', a velvety mix of amaretto and crème de cacao, a nod to her love for almond pastries. It's a creative rumble in here every day, with each cocktail telling a story, conjuring a memory, or sparking an emotion.

So, sit back, sip, and dive into the tales and inspirations that make our cocktails more than just a drink - they're experiences in a glass!

Spotlight on Signature Cocktails

Let's take a close-up look at some of our signature cocktails that truly define the 1 Lombard experience. First up, here's the Junction. A spirited blend of gin and elderflower with a peppery twist, this cocktail is a salute to those balmy summer evenings. It's crisp, refreshing, and perfectly balanced – an ideal companion for a garden party or a casual get-together.

Next, we have Lombard's Butter Rum. This cocktail is a smooth concoction of rum, butter, and a secret mix of spices, delivering a rich, creamy palate with a comforting warmth. It's like Christmas in a glass, making it the perfect drink to savor on those chilly winter nights.

And then there's the Marzipan Delight. This velvety mixture of amaretto and crème de cacao envelops you in its sweet embrace, transporting you to a cozy patisserie in the heart of Paris. Perfect for dessert lovers, this cocktail is best enjoyed after a hearty meal.

Best Cocktail Bar in London

Last but certainly not least, we present to you the Christmopolitan. A festive spin on the classic cosmopolitan, this cocktail is a joyous blend of vodka, cranberry, and a hint of lime, topped off with a dash of cinnamon. It's vibrant, zesty, and utterly festive, making it the star of every Christmas party.

Whether you're celebrating, unwinding, or simply savoring life's small moments, 1 Lombard's signature cocktails are more than just a drink – they're experiences in a glass.

A Toast to Non-Alcoholic Beverages - The Nothing To Proof Line

Who said you need alcohol to have a good time? At 1 Lombard, we welcome you to a world of non-alcoholic concoctions that are just as exciting, just as flavourful, and just as fun! Welcome to our Nothing To Proof line, where we prove that you don't need booze to experience the joy of a well-crafted drink.

First up, we have our 'Sober Sunrise.' Imagine the classic Tequila Sunrise but without the tequila. It's a vibrant mix of fresh orange juice, grenadine, and a secret blend of spices, giving you the perfect balance of citrusy sweetness with a spicy kick.

Next, we present the 'Virgin Mule.' It's our take on the classic Moscow Mule, minus the vodka, hence the 'virgin' part. It's a refreshing blend of ginger beer, lime juice, and a few secret ingredients, providing a tangy, zingy burst of flavor in every sip.

And then there's the 'Mocktail Mojito.' This drink is packed full of flavor- Mint, lime, soda water, and a hint of sweetness come together to create this thirst-quenching, refreshing drink that's perfect for those warm summer nights.

So, whether you're on a detox, driving, or simply fancy something non-alcoholic, our Nothing To Proof line is proof enough that you can enjoy the cocktail experience without any of the booze. So, raise a glass and join us in a toast to flavor, fun, and sobriety!

Downstairs at 1 Lombard - A Hidden Gem (Best Cocktail Bar in London)

Ever wondered where the stairway at the corner of the bar leads to? Right into the heart of 1 Lombard, a charming downstairs bar, is often referred to as the 'hidden gem' of our establishment. This isn't just a bar; it's a vibe, a mini getaway nestled beneath the bustling main space of 1 Lombard.

Best Cocktail Bar in London

As you descend the stairs, you're transported to a world that's cozy, intimate, and brimming with personality. Our downstairs bar is a cocoon of warmth and character, with its vintage-inspired decor, warm lighting, and the soft hum of jazz playing in the background. But the real showstopper here is the exclusivity of the cocktail offerings.

Our downstairs bar boasts a unique menu of cocktails that you won't find upstairs. These are the secret potions of 1 Lombard, handcrafted by our underground mixologists who love to experiment and push the boundaries of cocktail-making. So, come on down and immerse yourself in the uniquely charming experience of our downstairs bar - a space that's the perfect blend of comfort, creativity, and cocktails.

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