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A Taste of the City: 1 Lombard Street Restaurant in London

Nestled within the beating heart of London's illustrious Square Mile, we at 1 Lombard Street offer a sanctuary where modern European culinary artistry meets timeless elegance. Housed in a former bank building, our brasserie and bar shine beneath a magnificent skylight, inviting you to bask in the glow of our hospitality.

A Taste of the City: 1 Lombard Street Restaurant in London

Since our inception in 1998, our commitment has been unwavering: to serve delectable breakfasts, sumptuous lunches, and exquisite dinners, all crafted under the watchful eye of head chef James Holden. As the day shifts, our space transforms – a glass cupola above becomes the backdrop for classic cocktails given a new twist and a wine list that speaks of our passion for finesse. At 1 Lombard Street, you're not just stepping into another restaurant; you're becoming part of a storied culinary journey. Join us, and let the flavors of our home become the stories you'll share.

Architectural Splendour: A City Restaurant Landmark in London

Our restaurant, 1 Lombard Street, stands as a testament to London's architectural prowess, directly in the city's financial heart. We've preserved the grandeur of the building's original incarnation as a banking hall. Our clientele dines beneath the gaze of an expansive skylight, which during the day bathes our establishment in natural light and by night, gifts us with the city's twinkling skyline.

We pride ourselves on seamlessly blending the establishment's historic charms with a distinct dining experience that reflects our culinary philosophy. Our restaurant has become an essential part of the city restaurant London scene, offering an experience that is unique, yet intrinsically linked to the fabric of this metropolis. At 1 Lombard Street, we invite you to become immersed in the elegance that is our hallmark.

Culinary Excellence: Seasonal Menus and Local Suppliers

At 1 Lombard Street, our devotion to culinary excellence is evident in the seasonal menus we curate, highlighting the finest locally sourced ingredients. We work closely with local suppliers, ensuring that each dish served in our city restaurant London embodies the freshest flavors and highest quality. Our chefs craft these ingredients into exquisite offerings that pay homage to British gastronomy while embracing a modern European influence.

A Taste of the City: 1 Lombard Street Restaurant in London

We believe that a commitment to local produce not only elevates the dining experience but also supports our community. This ethos is at the heart of our approach, setting us apart as a beacon of culinary innovation within London's vibrant restaurant landscape. Join us and indulge in the genuine taste of the season at 1 Lombard Street.

Signature Dishes: A Glimpse into Our Diverse Menu

At 1 Lombard Street, we take immense pride in our signature dishes, each representing the pinnacle of our culinary philosophy. Our menu, crafted with meticulous care, showcases a tapestry of flavors that embody the diversity and richness of our European heritage. We begin with our pan-eared scallops, delicately accompanied by a pea purée, showcasing the freshness of the sea. Transitioning to heartier fare, our Roast Duck Breast is presented with a vibrant cherry sauce, offering a harmonious balance of succulence and tang.

We also revere vegetarian options, such as our Wild Mushroom Risotto, which has become a favorite for its earthy depths and creamy consistency. Each of these cornerstone dishes reflects our dedication to excellence and the art of fine dining. We invite you to join us, immerse in the variety of our menu, and delight in the unmistakable craftsmanship that defines our kitchen's output. Here, you'll find that extraordinary flavors emerge from the simplest of ingredients.

Vegetarian and Vegan Delights at a City Restaurant in London

At 1 Lombard Street, we understand the importance of inclusive dining experiences. We craft our vegetarian and vegan dishes with the same dedication applied to every item on our menu. Our chefs innovate with an array of vegetables, grains, and legumes to craft meals that deliver flavor without compromise. We prioritize variety, ensuring our vegetarian and vegan guests can choose from a selection that is both substantial and satisfying.

The ingredients we use are sourced locally, reinforcing our support for community suppliers and guaranteeing freshness. We're passionate about offering delectable choices that cater to every dietary need. Here, you're ensured a dining experience that aligns with your preferences and values. Join us to explore a menu that not only respects the diversity of diets but celebrates it with every dish.

The Bar at Lombard: Classic Cocktails and Fine Wines

At 1 Lombard Street, the essence of our bar lies in its classic approach. We serve time-honored cocktails, each mixed with precision. Our bartenders understand the craft. They pour passion and expertise into every glass. No detail is too small. Our wine list reflects our commitment to quality. We have curated a selection that spans from prominent vineyards to small-batch producers.

A Taste of the City: 1 Lombard Street Restaurant in London

This care ensures a perfect pairing for your meal or an inspired choice to savor alone. We believe in the integrity of what we offer. Our guests know they will find a drink that suits the moment. This trust in our service brings people back. Whether you fancy a refined Merlot or a crisp Martini, we have you covered. Let us elevate your evening with a drink experience you expect and deserve.

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