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Relaxed And Chilled Vibes At Our Lombard Club Speakeasy

Venture beneath the vibrant cityscape to uncover our hidden gem, the Lombard Club. Within its walls, our speakeasy whispers of elegance, offering an intimate escape with an atmosphere steeped in mystique. From the moment you step through our separate entrance, you're transported to a world where the art of the cocktail is celebrated, and relaxation is paramount.


Our skilled mixologists craft each drink with precision, blending experimental and classic tastes to complement every occasion. It's a haven designed for those who appreciate the finer things - from early access for members to the option of private bookings, ensuring exclusivity. At the Lombard Club, we invite you to unwind in style, surrounded by an array of spirits that promise more than just a drink but an experience. Join us, and be part of a select circle that knows the true meaning of sophisticated leisure.

Step Down to Sophistication: Discovering the Ambiance of The Lombard Club

At The Lombard Club, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that embodies sophistication and understated elegance. Our space is tastefully adorned with dim lighting, setting the perfect mood for intimate conversations. Plush leather stools and velvet sofas offer unmatched comfort, inviting you to unwind in luxury.

The walls showcase an eclectic mix of art, capturing the unique essence of our speakeasy. Illuminated shelves reveal a world of choice spirits, each promising an exclusive experience. We've curated this intimate haven for those who seek to indulge in the art of relaxation and conversation, ensuring every visit is memorable. Join us, and step into a realm where sophistication meets leisure.

Behind the Curtain: A Mixologist's Paradise at The Lombard Club Speakeasy

At The Lombard Club, we've cultivated a mixologist's paradise. Our team has an unrivaled passion for creating innovative cocktails, each crafted to perfection. We prioritize quality, using only the finest ingredients to ensure every sip exceeds expectations.


Our mixologists bring a wealth of knowledge, constantly experimenting to offer you a unique experience. Their expertise shines through in the bold flavors and intricate presentations of our drinks. We strive to surprise and delight, inviting you to explore a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. Join us, and discover the artistry that sets us apart.

Cocktail Craftsmanship: Exploring Our Signature Cocktails

At The Lombard Club, our cocktail craftsmanship stands as a testament to our mixologists' dedication to blending tradition with innovation. Take, for instance, "The Junction," a nuanced twist on classics like the Gin Martini and Vieux Carre, featuring Jensens Bermondsey Dry Gin and a handpicked selection of bitters. Similarly, "Lombard's Butter Rum" reinvents warm favorites with spiced rum and homemade whey butter, perfect for those chilly evenings. "Ol' Pudding" offers a brandy-based concoction that harks back to the Old Fashioned, infused with winter spices for a decadent twist.

Our "Marzipan Delight" and "Ice Toddy" further showcase our ability to elevate familiar profiles into extraordinary experiences, merging quality ingredients with impeccable techniques. Lastly, the "Christmopolitan" provides a seasonal celebration in a glass, combining gin with festive flavors. We invite you to explore these signature cocktails, each crafted with care, promising more than just a drink, but a memorable encounter with every sip.

Private and Plush: Booking Your Exclusive Event at The Lombard Club Speakeasy

At The Lombard Club, we open our doors to those seeking an exclusive venue for their events. Whether it's a corporate gathering that aims to impress or a private celebration among close friends, our speakeasy provides the perfect backdrop. We understand the importance of creating memorable experiences.


Thus, we ensure every detail, from the ambiance to the exceptional service, is tailored to your needs. Our intimate setting guarantees a unique event, making it more than just a gathering but a cherished memory. Join us, and let's make your event unforgettable.

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