Welcome to 1 Lombard Street, the crown jewel of Bank London where suits and ties meet fine dining in an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Ooze sophistication while you dine under our dazzling glass cupola skylight, and let our reimagined classic cocktails tantalize your taste buds. We are your plush pit stop in the city’s historic Square Mile, open Monday to Friday, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 1998.

Our prestigious restaurant is a sanctuary for those in search of an impressive meal with service to match. Led by the innovative head chef James Holden, our menus, which evolve almost weekly, celebrate local suppliers and the finest sustainably-sourced British produce. So, loosen that tie, take a break from the balance sheets, and let’s wine and dine Bank style.

Lombard Street – The Heartbeat of Bank Restaurants

Our beloved 1 Lombard Street planted its roots in the heart of Bank London, over two decades ago, in 1998. Since then, this stalwart of the city’s culinary scene has been serving up delicious, high-quality fare with a side of history. You see, our building isn’t just any old edifice, oh no! It’s a Grade II listed neoclassical building that once housed a prestigious bank. Over the years, we’ve marinated in the city’s hustle and bustle, absorbing the energy and vibe of Bank. Pop your head around the door, and you’ll be served a slice of history with your salmon tartare. We’re not just a restaurant in Bank; we’re a part of Bank’s heritage, adding flavor and charm to the cityscape.

And now, let’s spice things up a bit and talk about how we’ve brought a new zest to the culinary scene of Bank. Our most delicious selling point? We believe it’s our ever-evolving menu. Our chef-extraordinaire, James Holden, is a culinary Daredevil, fearlessly traversing the landscape of British gastronomy and bringing back the choicest ingredients. Here at 1 Lombard Street, we don’t believe in static menus. Oh, heavens, no! Instead, we treat our patrons to a dynamic culinary journey, with our menus changing almost weekly to showcase the freshest, most scrumptious, sustainably-sourced British produce.

We’ve also turned the tables on traditional dining with our exceptional customer service. Our friendly, approachable team is dedicated to making your dining experience as delightful as a bite of our decadent chocolate mousse. From the moment you step through our doors, you’re not just a customer – you’re part of the 1 Lombard Street family, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your experience is top-notch.

Dining in the Dome

At the very heart of our restaurant is the centerpiece of our architectural charm – the mesmerizing glass cupola skylight. As you walk in, don’t be surprised if your eyes are immediately drawn upward to the stunning work of art overhead. Designed with an expert blend of traditional elegance and modern innovation, this glass dome bathes our dining area in a warm, natural light, creating an atmosphere that’s as delightful as our menu.

Whether you’re savoring your Eggs Benedict at breakfast, or indulging in our Beef Wellington at dinner, the shifting colors of the London sky enhance your dining experience. So come daylight or dusk, be it a sunny afternoon or a starry night, our glass cupola skylight brings the beauty of the outside world into the heart of 1 Lombard Street. You’re not just dining in a restaurant in Bank; you’re dining under the city skies.

 A Peek into the Kitchen

When it comes to the creative genius behind our tantalizing dishes, we have to introduce you to our culinary wizard and the beating heart of our kitchen, Head Chef James Holden. This chap is a gastronomic maestro, an artisan of flavors, who takes the mundane and transmutes it into extraordinary edible works of art. James was practically born with a spatula in his hand, and from his early years, he was destined to make a significant mark in the culinary world. Having honed his skills in the heat of renowned kitchens across Europe, James brings a unique fusion of classic British cuisine and innovative gastronomical trends to the table at 1 Lombard Street.

But don’t let his impressive resume intimidate you! Off the stove, James is as approachable as he is talented, with a beaming smile and a wicked sense of humor. He believes in the power of food to unite and inspire and is always keen to share his culinary journey with our guests. So next time you’re dining with us, don’t hesitate to ask about the magic behind your meal – you might just get a delightful tale from James himself!

Sourced with Care – Our Commitment to Local Suppliers and Sustainable Produce

At 1 Lombard Street, our love and respect for food extend beyond the walls of our kitchen. We believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting the hard work of local farmers, growers, and producers. By choosing locally sourced ingredients, we not only serve you the freshest, most flavourful fare, but we also contribute to a more sustainable food chain. We’re talking fewer food miles, less environmental impact, and a big thumbs-up to keeping our local economy thriving.

And it doesn’t stop at local. Oh no! We’re also firm believers in sustainability. We ensure that the majority of our ingredients are sustainably sourced because loving food means loving the planet too. From the line-caught fish gracing your plate to the free-range eggs whisked into your hollandaise sauce, we’re committed to ethical sourcing. So, while you’re enjoying your scrumptious meal at 1 Lombard Street, you can do so with the knowledge that your dining experience is part of a bigger picture – a commitment to protect our environment and support local communities. Now, isn’t that just the cherry on top of your fine dining experience at our restaurant in Bank?

The Social Fabric of a Restaurant in Bank – 1 Lombard Street Entwined

At 1 Lombard Street, we’re not just another restaurant in Bank. We’re a cornerstone of the local community, a veritable social hub where business meets pleasure, and strangers transform into friends over a shared love of good food. We’re a melting pot of city slickers, wide-eyed tourists, and local foodies, all coming together in a harmonious symphony of clinking glasses and hearty laughter. We’re the venue of choice for power lunches, celebratory dinners, and lingering Sunday brunches, the place where deals are sealed, milestones celebrated, and hearts connected.

But crucially, our role in the local social fabric doesn’t end at our doors. We believe in the power of community and in giving back to the city that’s given us so much. We’re proud to support local charities and initiatives, championing causes close to our hearts and playing our part in making Bank a better place for everyone. Because at the end of the day, we’re not just about serving up delicious dishes in a stunning setting. We’re about creating a welcoming space where everyone feels at home, fostering a sense of belonging, and nurturing a vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving community. So come on in and join the 1 Lombard Street family – we can’t wait to welcome you!