Soren Jessen

Soren used to work in the city as a Banker (former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs & UBS) and was inspired to make a career shift. In 1998 he walked into an old banking hall addressed 1 Lombard Street and immediately knew it should be a restaurant. The rest is history...

He loves the way the restaurant has grown into a home away from home for so many people through the day for the guests and the team.

Favourite Dish: The special of the day as Juri will have found something wonderful from our suppliers for that day.

Bartosz Kopacz

Bartosz joined us three years ago and manages the bar with passion and flair. He looks forward to welcoming our regulars and new customers to The Dome Bar.

Favourite Dish: Well, first an Old Fashioned cocktail followed by a good 1 Lombard Street Sirloin Steak.

George Damianidis

George's favourite moment: When I have a full lunch no tables available and a very regular customer walks in and you then have to try and find him/her a table, what a challenge, I love working in this industry.

Favourite Dish: Risotto Primavera.

Anna Tarlowska

Anna is the PA to Soren and supports on managing projects at 1 Lombard Street.

Favourite Dish: Chef Jacob Steak Tartare