We thought the best way to make the most of our bank holiday weekend was to take a truffle fuelled trip to Umbria.

One of our suppliers San Pietro a Pettine let us stay on the truffle estate amongst the Perugian hills with views of the historical, quaint town known as Trevi.

We spent a morning with Molly the dog and Bruno who have both been serious truffle hunters for their entire lives. It is amazing to see how the two work hand in hand together. On average they will collect around 300 kg of truffles a week between them and the other truffle hunters working for the estate. These will be distributed to restaurants across Italy, London, parts of Europe and even America.



That very evening a fantastic 7 course gastronomic feast was created for us with all the truffles collected that day. We even tasted their new product Truffle Caviar which they have recently created in their laboratory and was incredible.

Umbria is one beautiful place with fine wine, fantastic food made with love and steeped in history.

Thank you Carlo, Sara and the team for looking after us so well!