Here at 1 Lombard Street we plan lots of weddings in the City every year! We thought we would share some of our top tips to a special and hassle free wedding day!

  1. Sort the guest list first

Write your list before deciding on the venue, this will ensure there’s ample space for all your favourite people. At 1 Lombard Street we can host anything from 60 guests up to 200 seated with space for a dance floor!

2. Check Dates to Avoid!

Know ahead of time if your wedding date falls on the same day as a festival or seasonal event! This could affect traffic and hotel room availability.

3. Wedding Planner makes life easier

At 1 Lombard Street Filli is on hand to help with all your needs and co-ordinate everything. If you lead a busy life then this could be just what you need.



4. Start the wedding day as early as you can!

You only get one wedding day and it goes so quickly so stretch it out!

5. Drinks list

To avoid long queues make sure you have a good bar team on hand & a set drinks list! Opening up to every drink under the sun could be more queuing and less dancing!