Ignacio Burgos (Madrid, 1968) graduated in his home town, pursuing further studies at the Hdk (Hochschule der Künste) in Berlin (1991-1993), where he made his first German exhibition. In 1996 he moved to New York and exhibited his work in various cities in the United States, followed by a grant from the French Ministry of Culture at the Cité Internationale des Arts. Later he returned to Madrid, and has continued exhibiting in international galleries.

Throughout his career Burgos has travelled widely and lived in different cities, including Barcelona, New York and Casablanca. As a result, his work is intrinsically linked to his travels and experiences. In the work of Burgos we can find women from China, Egyptian soldiers or swimmers in the Red Sea, real stories that convey timelessness and universality, with the artist honouring the classics through a skilful use of colour and the speed of his brush strokes.



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